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Fort Jadhavgadh, Pune

Pune, Maharashtra

Fort Jadhavgadh

History Of Fort Jadhavgadh

Fort Jadhavgadh was made in the year 1710 as a place of residence as well as a safe haven when being attacked by enemies. Although not as magnanimous as other Maratha era Forts like Sinhgadh, Jadhavgadh had quite a few architectural similarities and a fine example of maratha craftsmanship.

Built on a quaint hill top all that was visible of the fort, and still is, were the gigantic walls of brown black stones. The steps going up the main entrance were huge stone blocks making it easier for the animals like horses and elephants going up the fort. But the step way itself was curved. A sharp left turn after the initial climb and then again a steep climb with a left turn after entering through the main spiked doorway. This was essentially done to make the task of a probable enemy and his troops all the more cumbersome if they had to force entry through the main door, inadvertently giving precious time for those inside for last minute preparations.

Inside the fort was divided into the outer walled area and an inner structure where the women folk resided. This area was also utilized for rain water harvesting, dexterously taking benefit of the ample showers the region received and saving water for future use.

A number of dungeons were also made in the fort, the main purpose of these being to store grains and as was inevitable during those tumulus times, to keep prisoners of war. Till date, four of these enigmatic dungeons have been traced and are being restored. It is believed that one of the dungeons may be a secret pathway that Pilaji Jadhavrao and his men used in times of crisis.

For most, the fortress was built for practical purposes, devoid of any intricate designs, delicate carvings or decorative art on the ceilings and wall. But the wood work, the main durwaaza wearing an armor of spikes, the rock stair ways and the core area residential quarters are a sharp contrast from the 800 sq. ft. houses we are so used to today. Most definitely, it was people with grand status and even bigger hearts who resided in this warrior's den some 300 years ago.


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