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Legends Of King Hiranyakashyap

Legends of King Hiranyakashyap (Holika Dahan): Hiranyakashyap was the strongest demon of his times; he was considered to be the winner of all God's whomsoever he fought with became a loser at the end of the battle. So he ordered everybody that everybody should obey him and worship him instead of Almighty. He in his family had one sister named Holika and one son named Prahlad, who was a great devotee of Lord Narayana. However, Prahlad had disobeyed his father's order of treating Lord Narayana as God.

Thus, Hiranyakashyap discussed this matter with her sister who had the boon granted to her that; Fire will not do any harm to her body no matter what the situation is. Latter, she took the responsibility to burn Prahlad by placing him on her legs and sitting on fire. She did exactly the same and guess what? Prahlad came out from the fire unharmed. As ‘he' had his faith on God he continuously chanted Vishnu mantras instead fire catch hold of Holika who was granted the so called boon. Since that day people light bourn fire in temples and celebrate Holi on the death of the demoness.




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