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Most Popular Chhattisgarh Festivals are,

Rajim Lochan Mahotsav
This Mahotsav is celebrated from 16th February till 1st March every year and people from far & wide come to Rajim at this time. People are attracted to Rajim Utsav as this place is also known as the city of temples. People from far and wide come to witness the rich Chhattisgarhi heritage of folk music, dance and drama.

Bhoramdeo Mahotsav
Bhoramdeo Mahotsav takes place in the last week of March every year. Bhoramdeo temples have a special attraction for lovers of history and archaeology. The temples were built by the celebrated King Ramachandra of the Nag dynasty, who married Princess Ambikadevi of the Haiya dynasty. The temples are superb examples of contemporary architecture and have much historical, religious and archaeological importance.

Chakradhar Festival
Celebrated during Durganavmi (September or October) This festival is celebrated every year during Durganavmi at Raigarh. This festival contains cultural programmes like music and folk dances.

Goncha Festival
This festival is celebrated during the month of July on the occasion of Rath Yatra at Jagdalpur. In this festival tribes from various part of Bastar take part These tribes use tukki and goncha. Tukki is mad of bamboo and goncha is a kind of a fruit. They use goncha as a bullet ad tukki as pistol to hit each other.

Narayanpur Mela
One of the most famous festival of Bastar after Jagdalpur Dusshera is Narayanpur Mela. It is celebrated during the last week of February. Tribal people come with their deities, establish them, worship them and enjoy with their famous dances.

Fagun Madai
This is a 10day long festival which starts generally 7-8 days prior to Holi and ends after a couple of days after Holi. This is a very colourful and vibrant festival in which tribes from all over Bastar assemble to celebrate it. These tribes bring with them their local deities and establish them at the Dantewada temple. This is followed by a number of cultural and religious activities. A number of dances are specially performed on this occasion like Cheetal dance, mask dance and relo dance. Ending of this fair is the most grand event of the entire festival.

Sheorinarayan is a place that is situated 94 kms from Bilaspur in Janjgir district on the confluence of Mahanadi, Sheonath and Jonk rivers. A fair is held every year on Magh Purnima i.e. in the month of February and is attended by thousands of devotee


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