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Bhavani Temple

Bhavani Temple

Harkath Of Tuljapur Bhavani

Kallol tirth The second among the 'Shaktipeeths' is Tulja Bhavani of Tuljapur. It was the family deity of the Bhosale kings. Shivaji always visited the temple to seek her blessings. It is believed that the Goddess gifted him a sword - 'the Bhawani sword' - for success in his expeditions.

The history of the temple has been mentioned in the "skanda puran". There was a sage known as "Kardam" After his death his wife "Anubuti" had performed a penance at the banks of river "mandakini " for Bhavani mata to look after her infant child. While performing the penance the demon known "Kukur" tried to disturb her penance during which Mata Bhavani came to the aid of "Anubuti" and killed the demon "Kukur". From that day onwards the Goddess Bhavani came to be known as Tulja Bhavani. The temple is located on the hill of "Bala ghat". The same place is today known as Tuljapur. The Idol: The Idol of the Shree Tulja Bhavani mata is a "swayambu" idol. The goddess is having eight hands sitting on a thrown.



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Tuljapur is one of the four Shakti Peethas of Maharashtra where mother Goddess, Shakti is worshipped. The temple is located on a hill known as Yamunachala, on the slopes of the Sahayadri range in Maharashtra near Sholapur...

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Shivneri Lodge

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