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Sri Sitaramachandra Swamy Temple

Sri Sitaramachandra Swamy Temple

Bhadrachalam is known for the temple dedicated to Sita Ramachandra Murthi. The temple is situated on the north bank of Godavari in Khammam district. The hill is named after Bhadra, son of Meru, who did penance to have darshan of Sri Rama. The Lord appeared in a dream to a woman by name Dhammakka and informed her about the idols, which were duly installed in a shrine. Later, Ramadas (Gopanna), an ardent devotee of Sri Rama, built the present shrine. The beauty of the idols of Sri Rama and Sita in Tribangi posture captures one's attention. Sri Rama is holding Shanku, Chakra, Dhanus and Bhanas.

Saints Ramadas and Kabirdas are associated with the shrine. Ramadas was jailed by a Muslim ruler for using revenue money to build the temple. Later Rama and Lakshmana appeared in disguise in the court and paid the full amount in gold coins. The king realised the greatness of Ramadas and freed him.

Bhadrachalam,Andhra Pradesh

More info on the city

Situated on the banks of River Godavari, Bhadrachalam is a popular pilgrimage site in South India at a distance of 312 km to the east of Hyderabad.The holy town of Bhadrachalam has been closely associated with the holy epic - Ramayana. Legend has it that this was the place form where Ravana had kidnapped Sita.




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