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Mahadevi Mahalaxmi Temple Dahanu

Mahadevi Mahalaxmi Temple Dahanu

Mahalaxmi Temple at Dahanu is one of the renowned local pilgrimages. Located right on the NH-08, Mahalaxmi Temple is well visited all through the year especially on weekends and during holiday / festival season.

There are two temples of Goddess Mahalaxmi. One is situated on National Highway Eight (NH-8) at Charoti Naka, and other the main one is situated on the mountain called Mahalaxmi Hill nearby about 3 to 4 kilometers. The Goddess Mahalaxmi is the family deity of tribes, so during the festive period, the tribals arrange taarpa dance for their revelry. Every year a festival is held here called ‘Mahalaxmi Yatra' for fifteen days starting from Hanuman Jayanti. The administrative role is played by the trustee board (Mahalaxmi Mandir Charoti Naka - Satvi Family, Mahalaxmi Mandir at Mahalaxmi Hill - Bolade Family).

Mahalaxmi Temple Dahanu


More info on the city

Dahanu is located 65 km north of Virar on the Western Railway line of Mumbai Suburban Railway. It can be reached from National Highway NH-8, 24 km off from Charoti Naka. It is 22 km North of Boisar on the Western Railway line. It has nice and beautiful beaches. There is nice beach at Parnaka. Nearby Sai temple is located in Narpad. Also famous for Mahalaxmi Temple located just 4 km from Charoti.




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