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Bhagavathy Temple

Bhagavathy Temple

The Bhagawati temple at Kodungallur is of great renown throughout the state of Kerala. It is quite interesting to learn bhagwati temple of goddess Kali was dedicated to Lord Siva in the beginning, and later a majestic six - foot high wooden image of Kali facing the north was installed. Now both are adored in separate shrines. According to belief this imposing idol was made out of the trunk of a single jack fruit tree. It has eight arms and is holding different kinds of potent weapons. The Kirita adorning her head resembles that of kathakali type and is heightening the grandeur of her awe-some beauty. She is covered with golden raiment all over accepting hands. The dazzling diamond decked necklaces and chains, sparkling by the rays of oil lamps hung up around, enhance her beauty and wring veneration at first sight. It is the same form, she assumed during the war against Daruka - fearful, yet approachable.

The unique peculiarity of this temple is the Secret Chamber. The closed chamber in the Sanctum Sanctorum of the shrine is widely believed to be the divine ‘Sakthi Kendra' of this temple. It is on the eastern side of the sanctum sanctorum of Bhagavathy. The sanctum and secret chamber have a common wall. The Secret chamber is closed all around with granite and on the top there is a roof. There is a closed door (from inside) on the western wall of the chamber. The sanctum sanctorum of Bhagavathy also has a door on the western wall. A crimson cloth is hung against this wall and rituals and poojas are done here. Something terrible and mysterious is presumed to be located in the secret chamber, but nobody knows what it is. Any attempt to look inside the secret chamber may invite dreadful results this is the common belief. It is believed that Sankara installed Mahameru Sree Chakra inside the Secret Chamber. The western door of the sanctum sanctorum is opened only on rare occasions.

Inside the Bhagavathy temple, there is also another temple. The deity of this temple is Siva. The deity Sivalinga is facing east. There is an independent entry to the Siva temple from eastern side. In this Siva temple there is no ‘Nandi'. This is also a peculiar phenomenon.



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Thrissur, an abbreviation of 'Tiru-Shiva Perur', or the town with the name of Lord Shiva, is appropriately named. The central and most important feature of this, one of the major cities of North Kerala, is Vadakkunath Kshetram where the reigning deity is Lord Shiva.

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