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Bhagawati Temple Chengannur

Bhagawati Temple Chengannur

The remarkable aspect of the Bhagwati temple at Chengannur is that the phenomenon of the goddess getting her periods still continues though the deity is cast in the five metals(panchaloha) . Lord Maha Deva is consecrated facing east and the Goddess Bhagawathy is facing west in this temple. What is very unique about this temple is that the people believe that the Goddess has periods once in a while at this temple. There is also a temple of Vishnu in Chengannur. Nammazhawar has visited this temple and sung about Lord Vishnu there. People believe that Yudhishtra built the first temple of Lord Vishnu to get rid of his sin of telling a lie in the battle field.

Outside the main temple of Shiva and Bhagawathy, there are temples for Sastha, Neelagreeva (blue necked Lord Shiva) and Sthaleesa.

The temple follows an unique ritual where the chief priest or his assistant (kizhusanti) on opening the Srikoil early morning removes the nirmalyam (previous day's decoration of the deity) and hands it over to the Varrier attendant along with the white udayada (petticoat) without looking at it. The Varrier examines the dress closely and if there are signs of bleeding sends it to Thazhamon Matham, the traditional residence of the temple Tantri. There the lady of the house scrutinises the cloth again and confirms the menses.The udayada, after the occurrence of the menses is available for sale to the public. Though the rate fixed by the Devaswom is only Rs. 10/- due to its being a rarity it is grabbed by devotees by paying hundreds of rupees who book it well in advance.

The sanctum is kept closed for three days when the Goddess gets her menses. During this period a small vigraha is installed in a secluded room on the north-west corner of the nalambalam and pujas are conducted there. On the fourth day, the bathing coremony-Triputtu arattu-is conducted by taking the, image in procession on a female Elephant to the nearby Pampa river. Innumerable devotionally women with thalapoli (holding lamps), accompany this. On return, Lord Shiva mounted on an elephant awaits of his consort and receives her ceremoniously. The deities then enter their respective sanctums and the worship for the Goddess is resumed.



More info on the city

Chengannur is a is a municipal town in Alappuzha district of the state of Kerala in South India.The closest tourism destination to Chengannur is Pathanamthitta. Other close by tourism destinations include Adoor, Konni and Sabarimala.Chengannur is noted for its Shiva temple Chengannur Mahadeva Kshetram .

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