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Bhimakali Temple

Bhimakali Temple

The famous Bhimakali Temple in Sarahan near Shimla is also known as Bheemakali Temple of Simla, is one of the representatives of 51 Shakti Peeths in India.The wooden Bhimakali Temple is a grand specimen of hill architecture in a mix of Hindu and Buddhist styles.

The present Bhimakali Temple is a new one, built in 1927. The old temple, nearby, has an fascinating story to it - it got tilted slightly in the 1905 earthquake, and then miraculously straightened back with a subsequent tremor It is said that the foundations of this temple are very deep and that there is a disused tunnel that connects this to the village of Ranwin, a kilometre away. Pundits (priests) would enter and leave the temple through this secret passage.

The complex has smaller temples too, dedicated to Lord Narsingh and Lord Raghunath. The beautifully carved (new) temple has three stories topped by a fascinating roofline. The upper floors have balconies and windows with great ornamental woodcarving, while the doors are adorned with silver repoussé work. A 200-yr old gold image of the goddess Bhimakali is enshrined on the first floor, which is actively worshipped only during the Dusshera festival. The other image on the second floor is worshipped daily. The temple also has some lovely silver decorations, other Hindu and Buddhist images and a small museum.

The temple has an interesting story behind it. It is said that long ago, there were many demons in the Himalayas who were proving to be a major distraction when the priests and saints used to meditate. They all prayed to the Gods above to send a powerful force to wipe the demons off. Hearing their pleas, the Gods decided to concentrate their powers on one point. A huge explosion took place and one could see a small girl child on that spot. This girl child grew up to be the force who destroyed all demons and was supposed to take repeated births to destroy any evil force on the face of the earth. The temple is dedicated to this great female power who was called Bhimakali.

In the year 1927, another temple was built right next to the existing temple, which houses a 200-year-old idol of Goddess Bhimakali.



Sarahan,Himachal Pradesh

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Set against a spectacular backdrop, this unpretentious village of Sarahan in the Sutlej valley commands a wonderful view of the snow-capped mountains from east to west , and of rolling fields and deep valleys. This erstwhile summer capital of Rampur Bushahr, one of the biggest princely states in the Shimla Hills, is well known for its centuries old Bhimkali Temple regarded as one of the Fifty One sacred Shaktipeethhs .




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