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Hanseswari temple

Hanseswari Temple

Hooghly,West Bengal

Hanseswari Temple at Bansberia near Kolkata (Calcutta) in West Bengal .The main deity is the blue neem-wood idol of the four-armed goddess Hanseswari, a manifestation of Goddess Kali.The temple is 21 m high and has 13 towers. The peak of each tower is shaped as a lotus flower.

Built accor Read More

Jain Temples

Jain Temples

Vishnupur,West Bengal

Jain temple Purulia has a number of Jain images, some of which are clearly those of the Jain Tirthankaras. An inscription on a stone fixed to a pillar found at this village was removed decades back and was fixed by the roadside within the court compound at Purulia.

The most famous and bet Read More

Kalighat Temple

Kalighat Temple

Kolkata,West Bengal

Kalighat Kali Temple in Kolkatta is regarded as the holiest peeth or pith of the 52 Shakti Peethams of India, where the various parts of Sati's body are said to have fallen, in the course of Shiva's Rudra Tandava. Kalighat represents the site where the toes of the right foot of Shakti or Sati fel Read More

Kapilmuni Temple

Kapilmuni Temple

Sagar Island,West Bengal

Kapil Muni Temple is situated at Sagar Island in West Bengal. It is believed that the deity was installed in 1437 by Swami Ramanand. The current structure is a recent one and it has a stone block, considered to be the representation of Sage Kapil. The idol of the saint holds a small pot of water Read More

Lalji temple

Lalji Temple

Midnapore,West Bengal

The Lalji temple Bishnupur, dedicated  to Sri Radhika and  Sri Krishna  , which stands on a high point, is of the Bengali style of architecture. In its verandah is preserved a stone slab (lying loose) with an inscription in Bengali characters, dated 1577 Saka (,1655 Read More

Ramakrishna Mission Temple

Ramakrishna Mission Temple

Kolkata,West Bengal

Swami Vivekananda, the great disciple of Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa wanted a temple to be built incorporating the features of temple architecture of different creeds and religions and that is exactly what has been done. A Hindu would see a replica of a Hindu temple, a Muslim will be struck by t Read More

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