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The most fundamental of Hindu deities, is the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva - popular deities include Ganesha, Krishna, Hanuman and goddesses like Lakshmi, Durga,Saraswati.

War & Peace

The battle between the demons and the apes began and grew fiercer. Angada fought with Indrajit of limitless power, Hanuman engaged Jambumali and Lakshmana fought demon Virupaksha. Wounded by the huge apes and great bears, the Rakshasas waited for right fall. Angada killed Indrajit's charioteer and destroyed his chariot. Indrajit taking advantage of night used his magic and became invisible. With his deadly snake arrows he shot Rama and Lakshmana and they fell down unconscious causing panic among the vanaras. Vibhishana and Sugriva rallied their army and the fight was renewed.

The two princes lay senseless on the ground bound by snake-arrow bonds and monkey chiefs looked on helplessly. Suddenly there came Garuda of great prowess. Seeing him the snakes which turning into arrows had bound the princes hurried away. Garuda healed their wounds with his magic touch and Rama and Lakshmana's powers and energy was instantly restored and redoubled.

When Ravana learnt how Rama and Lakshmana had been freed from the snake-bonds, he hissed like a king cobra and sent Dhumraksha of formidable strength to fight at the head of a large army. A tumultuous and defeaning battle began. They engaged and attacked each other with uprooted trees, maces, spikes, rocks and spears. Dhumraksha caused havoc among the monkeys, but then Hanuman challenged him and in no time slew the Rakshasa chief.

Now, Ravana sent Akampana, renowned for his mastery of weapons. He was the commander of the demon forces. Bloody and fierce encounters took place. Thousand of warrior monkeys and demons fell down dead. The apes could not withstand Akampana's fury and they fled in all directions. It made Hanuman beside himself with rage. He uprooted a huge tree and with a terrific force struck the demon on the head, and Rakshasa's chief fell down dead. Then came Prahasta, the commander-in-chief and he looked like death itself, but ultimately the great ape Nila slew him after a long and fierce battle.

The death of the commander-in-chief overwhelmed Ravana with grief and anger. Now, he himself came forth along with valiant son Indrajit. Monkey hordes could not withstand his onslaught and died in thousands. Even valiant Lakshmana got seriously wounded and had to be removed to a place of safety.

Rama seeing the vanaras fleeing in fear came forward sitting on the shoulders of Hanuman and checked Ravana's ouslaught. Rama's arrow flew like the thunderbolt and destroyed their targets. They broke Ravana's chariot and the crown shining like the sun. Without chariot and weapons Ravana stood helpless. Rama told him, "I shall not slay you an unarmed persons. Run to Lanka and come tomorrow having rested yourself." And Racana hastened back to Lanka sorely distressed and humiliated.

Seized with fear Rama's fatal arrows, the overlord of the demons orders to awake his brother Kumbhakarna. Kumbhakarna was fast asleep and could not be awoken though they blew trumpets, beat drums, prodded him with knives, stakes and iron rods. Finally they drove thousand elephants over his huge body. He yawned and opened his eyes. The Ravana's minister then told him about Ravana's defeat at Rama's hands and the havoc caused by the monkey hordes. "I shall go straight and destroy the entire ape army along with Rama and Lakshmana," said Kumbhakarna.

Seeing Kumbhakarna of immense strength and terrible appearance, the vanaras fled in fear. The Rakshasha gave out a thunderous shout and began to massacre the enemy forces. The monkey chiefs showered rocks, boulders and stones on him but no impact. He looked like an elephant in run causing havoc. He struck down all who dared to face him.

Rama rallied the panic-stricken forces and the fight began with a renewed vigour, but the demon's rampage continued unabated. Challenged by Sugriva, Kumbhakarna struck down the monkey king senseless with a huge rock. Kumbhakarna gathered Sugriva regained his consciousness and suddenly tore off his ears and bit his nose with his sharp nails and jumping down ran to his army.

Kumbhakarna now drenched in his own blood rushed back to give fight a fresh. Moving down the apes and bears to his right and left and in front he advanced unchallenged. Then Rama engaged him in a grim battle and shot his thunder like arrows at him. Rama used a deadly missile presided over by the wind-god and cut down his arms. But the Rakshasha rushed headlong with a roar and this time Rama cut off both his legs and he fell down. Finally with another deadly arrow, Rama severed his head and threw it into Lanka which falling destroyed there many houses and mansions.

Hearing of Kumbhakarna's tragic death Ravana fell down unconscious overwhelmed with grief. When he regained his consciousness, his sons and other warrior chiefs comforted him with many soothing words. Indrajit, the hero of the chariot warriors said, "o father don't grieve, I am still alive. This very day I shall slay both Rama and Lakshmana and destroy their army." It reassured Ravana to some extent.

Indrajit marched to the battlefield once again accompanied by many warriors of proven strength. With his sharp arrows received as boon, he struck down Angada, Sugriva and others senseless. Inflicting great wounds on the ape chiefs, Indrajit showered his terrible arrows on Rama and Lakshmana hiding himself with his magic powers. Then he selected the Brahma missile and shot it at Rama and Lakshmana. Instantly both the princes fell down on the ground senseless. Then Indrajit returned triumphant to Lanka.

The monkey king Sugriva and his chiefs did not know what to do. They all were drowned in the sea of grief and gloom. But then Jambvan remembered that medicinal herbs growing on the Meru Mountain were the sure cure of such unconsciousness. Without any loss of time, Hanuman was sent to fetch these herbs from the so distant mountains. Hanuman flew and returned before sunrise with the herbs and both the princes were soon revived.

The next day again the fierce battle raged, Indrajit, using his secret and magic weapons, again slaughtered the apes. With his magic he created a phantom of Sita and flew her before the eyes of all. But Vibhishana told Rama about Indrajit's trick, which was used to confound and confuse the apes, Rama, felt reassured and sent Lakshmana to fight the demon prince. There ensued a fierce battle. Finally advised by Vibhishana, Lakshmana fitted a deadly indra-arrow on his mighty bow. Drawing to the full he invoked the presiding god and shot it at Indrajit. The arrow cut off Indrajit's head, and he fell dead on the ground.

There was great jubilation and rejoicing in the vanara camp. Rakshashas experienced unprecedented shock and gloom. Ravana fell into deep swoon and lamented long foe his dead son. Maddened with grief and desperation he rode out to encounter Rama in the battlefield. In his limitless anger he created havoc among the monkey ranks and file. He continued slaughtering apes until Sugriva rallied them. Sugriva slew the mighty demon Mahodara and Lakshmana another fierce demon named Mahaparsva.

Seeing the destruction of these mighty demons, Ravana's anger was redoubled. And he let loose terror and death with his deadly missiles. Having routed the monkeys he came before Rama and Lakshmana. Then Lakshmana showered sharp arrows on Ravana, and Ravana in his turn checked them with his own powerful arrows. Ravana then shot at Rama innumerable sharp arrows and Rama in reply hurled terrible weapons and shot deadly arrows at him. For long they continued shooting at each other. Both remained undefeated. Rama fought standing on the ground while Ravana was on his magnificent chariot. It made the fight unequal. Seeing it Indra the king of gods sent his divine chariot for Rama. Indra sent many callosity weapons too. Rama getting into the chariot harassed the Rakshasas with a succession of fierce arrows shot from his formidable bow. Then began the most terrible fight between the two heroes. Rama in this wrath sent a razor-sharp terrible arrow and it cut off Ravana's head but immediately another head came up in its place. This went on for a long time. Rama cut off his headstand again there sprang up new ones. Then determined to slay Ravana, Rama the best of princes, took a blazing arrow presided over by Brahma. It was given to him by the sage Agastya, a gift from the Grandsire Brahma. Terrible like thunderbolt, it went hissing and struck Ravana piercing his heart went into the earth. Ravana died and lay on the ground and peace returned to the three worlds.

Lakshmana entered Lanka leading the ape army at Rama's commands and crowned Vibhishana as the king of Lanka. Hanuman went to Lanka told Sita of Rama's victory over Ravana. Sita's joy knew no bounds and she thanked Hnauman for such happy news. Vibhishana escorted her in a shinning palanquin to Rama's camp. Apes ran here and there to have a glimpse of the divine beauty and splendor of Sita and the monkey-chiefs clearing drove them away. But Rama did not like it and allowed the monkeys to see her. Sita's return made Rama happy, but he wanted to test her honor and purity. Determined to prove her innocence Sita appeared from the flames holding her aloft in his arms. Agni placed her Rama's arms.

The period of exile being over, Rama returned to Ayodhya in the famous Pushpaka Viman. With him came Sugriva, Vibhishana, Hanuman, Angad and few other monkey-chiefs. On the way to Ayodhya, Rama showed all the places and told Sita all that happened after her abductions. Rama and Lakshmana were re-united with their brothers Bharata and Shatrughna and there was lot of joy and merry-making all around.

Then followed Rama's crowning amidst great rejoicing, jubilation and royal splendor. It was a solemn occasion merged with a lot of festivity and celebration. It was a glorious reign. People were happy and prosperous and loved their king more than their own life. Rama was an ideal ruler and king. He was none other than Vishnu in human form. Under Rama all were righteous, all followed their duty and dharma.




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