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The most fundamental of Hindu deities, is the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva - popular deities include Ganesha, Krishna, Hanuman and goddesses like Lakshmi, Durga,Saraswati.

Legend of Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi mythical birth from the cosmic ocean, her marriage with Vishnu and her incarnations along with her husband, portray her also as the preserver of the world. Goddess Sri Lakshmi is considered so auspicious that a beloved daughter or virtuous daughter-in-law is called Lakshmi. In many sculptures and paintings, Goddess Lakshmi is shown as a beautiful woman sitting or standing in a red lotus signifying love, grace and peace. She is the Indian ideal of feminine beauty. Inspite of her premier position among the Hindu goddesses, there are few Lakshmi temples in India one of them being in Kolhapur where Goddess lakshmi is called shreekarveernivasini and Mumbai has Famous Mahalakshmi Temple in Mahalakshmi ( Worli ). But in most Vishnu temples, she is portrayed as his consort



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