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Festival Celebrations In Berhampur

The main festivals of Berhampur include Car Festival, Dusshera, Taratarini Festival, Thakurani Yatra, Buda and Khambeshwari Yatra .

Thakurani Jaatara: Bi-Annual Thakurani Jaatara, the Festival of the Goddess. The city is agog with activities to welcome goddess Budhi Thakurani to her temporary abode for the biennial Thakurani Jatra festival at late night . The hereditary head of the festival, who is also regarded as the head of the weaver Dera community of the city, Desibehera dressed in his traditional attire reached the Budhi Thakurani temple to invite the goddess to her parental abode at his home on Saturday afternoon. His wife also accompanied him as per the tradition. They also offered ritualistic offerings at the Kalika temple. Changudi puja Rituals to welcome the deity for the festival started at the temporary temple built at Desibehera street from evening with the `Changudi Puja". After rituals, flowers would be carried from Desibehera"s house to the Budhi Thakurani temple in this special basket called `Changudi".





More info on the city

Berhampur is a city located in the eastern coastline of India in the state of Orissa. It is one of the biggest cities of Orissa and is famous for trade and commerce. Berhampur is well known for its intricately designed silk sarees and handloom cloth and hence is known as the "Silk City".




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