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Calangute ,Goa


History Of Calangute

Calangute became popular due to its invasion by the Portuguese. Since, then the place was called Calangute from its original name Kolongutt, which it was referred as before the invasion. The literal meaning of the name links to the word "Cal" which refers to the Hindu Goddess, Kali. Kali was a Hindu Deity that was worshipped by fisher-men residing in here, thus the name appears significant.

There are many stories that link to the tale that how Calangute got its actual name. Another one is the link to the word "Klayan Gutti' which refers to a village of art. Another possibility is its origin from Konvallo Ghott that signifies a coconut that has strong pith. As coconut possess a strong pith or marrow with a soft, edible substance in the heart, so the same again appears credible.


Calangute ,Goa

More info on the city

Calangute centres in North Goa and is known for its golden beaches, visited by domestic and international tourists alike.. Calangute beach is one of the Goa's busiest and most commercialized beaches. Calangute beach symbolize Goa's reputation as a haven for beach and coastal splendor.

Hotels near Calangute

Paradise Village Beach Resort

Paradise Village Beach Resort is a 3-star resort located at Calangute Beach, Goa .

Best Price: Rs.3500 per day

Nizmar Resort

Nizmar Resort overlooks the Goa's Queen of beaches Calangute, barely 500 meters away.

Best Price: Rs.2000 per day

Cavala Sea Side Resort

Cavala Sea Side Resort  is Baga's (Goa, India) most popular seaside resort situated but a whistle away from the world famous Calangute-Baga Beach.

Best Price: Rs.3000 per day



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