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History Of Dakor

The legend of Bodana
'Vijayanand Bodana', a Rajput of Dakor, walked every six months to Dwarka to worship Lord Krishna. He did this tirelessly and unfailingly until he was 72 years old, at which point the long journey became increasingly difficult for him. Feeling compassion for this faithful devotee, the idol of Krishna directed him in a dream to bring a bullock-cart on his ensuing visit to Dwarka. At midnight, the Krishna idol broke open all the doors of the Dwarka temple, awoke Bodana and told him to take him to Dakor. Near Bileshwar Mahadev on Dakor-Nadiad road, they rested for some time. Sri Krishna touched the branch of a Neem tree, and to this day that tree is said to have one sweet branch, though the rest of the branches are bitter.

In Dwarka, the angry Gugli brahmins, finding the idol of Krishna missing, chased Bodana and accidentally killed him. The Guglis were not ready to return to Dwarka without the Krishna idol. At last, Krishna asked Gangabai, the poor widow of Bodana, to give gold equivalent to the weight of the idol and ask the Guglis to return to Dwarka. The Guglis agreed, but all she possessed was a gold nose-ring. Miraculously, when weighed, the idol became as light as the nose-ring. The Guglis were disappointed but Krishna mercifully directed that they would find after six months an exact replica of the idol in Sevaradhan Vav at Dwarka. The impatient Guglis looked for the idol sometime earlier than they were told and as a result, found an idol which, though similar to the original one, was smaller. The original idol remained in Dakor. Even today on every purnima (full moon), pilgrims walk here from far away places to commemorate Bodana's devotion.

Hidimba Van and Rishi Dank
In the past, Kheda district was known as ‘Hidimba Van'. This is where the Mahabharata hero Bhimsen killed a demon and married Hidimba.

Rishi Dank had his hermitage in the fertile lands of Dakor, then called Dankpur after the name of the rishi. It is said that Shiva, pleased by the rishi's devotion, granted his wish and stayed in his hermitage in the form of a linga. At present the linga stands as Danknath Mahadev temple on the bank of the holy pond Gomti.



More info on the city

Dakor is situated in the kheda district of Gujarat State. Earlier Dakor was known as Dankapur, famous for the Danknath temple of Lord Shiva. In 1722 AD Ranchodrajiji temple of Lord Krishna was built and then Dakor became famous pilgrimage place.

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