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Bhojpur,Madhya Pradesh



Bhojpur, is renowned for the remains of its magnificent Shiva temple and Cyclopean dam.

Shiva Temple is one of the best example of temple architecture of the 12th and 13th centuries.

Raja bhoj also built a dam but destroyed by Hoshang Shah of Malwa (1405-34).One can see ruins of the magnificent old dams. The dam was chosen with great skill, as a natural wall of hills enclosed the whole area except for two gaps, of 100 yards and 500 yards in width. These gaps are closed by gigantic earthen dams, faced on both sides with enormous blocks of sandstone, many being 4 feet long, 3 feet broad and 2.5 feet thick, set without mortar.Raja (King) Bhoja was, an engineer, a warrior, a great administrator and a man of formidable vision.

Places to see in / around Bhojpur

Bhojeshwar temple

Jain Temple

Bhojpur Lake

Cyclopean Dam


Bhojpur,Madhya Pradesh

More info on the city

Bhojpur is in Raisen district. Bhojpur is founded by King of Dhar, Raja Bhoj (1010-1053), and named after him,A small village about 26 km from Bhopal along the highway to Hoshangbad is Bhojpur. Renowned for the remains of its magnificent Shiva temple and Cyclopean dam Bhojpur is a detour taken by most tourist enroute to Bhopal.




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