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The town is an ideal place for a day out or a quiet picnic by the Gadeshwara Dam or the Zenith Falls. One of the famous peaks that loom over Panvel, the Karnala peak offers a beautiful view.

Found on this hill is the Karnala fort, standing 370 metres above the sea level. The Karnala Fort dates back to the 12th Century. Under the Nizamshahi rule until the 15th century, the Emperor Shivaji captured it by building obstructions all around the fort. The Mughals, the British and the Peshwas were some of its later conquerors. The fort was finally captured by Colonel Prother of the British in 1818. The Fort is known to have passed through the hands of Muslim, Portuguese and Maratha rulers as well. The fort doorway is adorned with many carvings of elephants and tigers.

When there are no clouds obstructing one's view, one can faintly trace the Mumbai coastline, 30 km away. And on a cloudy day, the path leading to the summit of the fort is blanketed in mist and clouds, giving the place an ethereal feel, as you get to the peak. The fort with its steep rocks could prove to be a trekker's treat. One can also visit the Bhavani Temple at the peak which is surrounded by rock cut caves and water tanks built by the Buddhists.

At the bottom of the fort is the Bird Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to about 150 species of resident birds. Apart from these, 37 other species of birds migrate to this safe haven in winter. There are two separate seasons for bird watching. In the monsoons one can see the Paradise Flycatcher, magpie, robin, and the Malabar Whistling Thrush, which are among some of the most melodious birds known. If one is lucky one may even get to see some other species of birds such as the Racket-Tailed Drongo, Horn Bill, Red Vented Bulbul, owl, myna, Ashy Rain War Blur and Spotted heart Woodpeckers. Migratory birds such as the Throat, Shrike, Blue and Large Cuckoo are seen to frequent Panvel in winter.

Although the birds are the main highlights, one may get rare glimpses of panthers, antelopes, langur and even African monkeys.


Two of the eight Ashtavinayak temples of the god Ganesha are close to Panvel. Some distance away from Panvel, the Rajgarh fort, Alibag sea beach, Phansad wildlife sanctuary, Swapna Nagari and the Elephanta caves prove to be good tourist attractions.



More info on the city

Panvel is located in the Raigad District of Maharashtra. Popularly known as 'the gateway to the Konkani region', Panvel adjoins Navi Mumbai and is situated near the Thane District border. Panvel is a popular tourist destination .

Hotels near Panvel

K Stars Woods Resort

K Stars Woods Resort is a getaway resort located at Karnala, near Panvel (Maharashtra, India) on Mumbai-Goa Road just 65 Kms from central Mumbai.

Best Price: Rs.4000 per day

Aayush Resort

Aayush Resort is Situated on the Mumbai - Pune highway in Shedang village of Panvel district at 70 kms from Mumbai (Maharashtra - INDIA). Aayush spreads over 35 acres and is a popular weekend getaway.

Best Price: Rs.7500 per day

Zoia Mountain Resort And Spa

Zoia - Mountain Resort and Spa is located at Wadorli Village near Panvel (Maharashtra, India).



Best Price: Rs.4000 per day



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