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Sagar Island

Sagar Island,west Bengal

Sagar Island


Kapila Muni Temple :

Kapila Muni Temple is situated on the Sagar Island (West Bengal) and was built by Swami Ramanand in 1437. The temple is dedicated to the sage Kapila Muni who was responsible for bringing Ganges down to the earth from heaven. As per Hindu beliefs, a dip in this holy river would wash away all sins.

The Kapila Muni, represented by a vermilion smeared block of stone, resides with the four armed Ganga Mata (the Goddess of the Ganges) on the right and King Sagara (Great-Great Grandfather of Kind Bhagiratha) on his left.

Sagar Beach :

Enjoy the Sea Beach with its splendid sunrises and sunsets. Take the pleasure of watching the panoramic view of the ocean, dotted with ships and fishing boats. The silvery beach offers a panoramic view of the Bay of Bengal and is at some distance from the crowded pilgrimage spot. Sagar Beach is quite popular for solemnization of Hindu weddings. Also, many local girls get married to the sea to ensure that theoretically they would never become widows, even if their husbands were to die. Watching the fishermen gather their daily catch can be good fun.


Sagar Island,west Bengal

More info on the city

Sagar Island also knows as Gangasagar is situated in the south district of West Bengal and is a popular religious place of worship for Hindus. Sagar Island is 77 km from Kolkata and 40 60 km from Diamond Harbour .




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