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Tour Ayodhya Naimisharanya

Tour Ayodhya Naimisharanya


Itinerary for Pilgrimage Tour Ayodhya -Naimisharanya in UP

Day 1. Arrive in Lucknow , local sightseeing in Lucknow , overnight stay in Lucknow.

Day 2 . Early morning proceed to Ayodhya , vist temple in Ayodhya return by evening to Lucknow.

Day 3. Early morning visit Naimaisharnaya and other temple in naimaisarnayam , by evening return to Lucknow for late evening flight or option of next day return.


Places To Visit In Ayodhya : 

Chakra Tirth

1. Chakrathirth :  It is  round shaped holy water pond.  People take bath in it and worship.  Mention  of this holy place can also be traced in Mahabharat, Brahm and Skand Puran. The Sarovar (pond) is surrounded by some age old  temples.  Gate of the Sarovar is beautiful.  It is sad that the Chakra threw by Brahma ji, ultimately reached this place and went inside the earth.  Thereafter a large water source developed at this place. As the area was getting marooned, the saints requested Brahma ji to stop the high flow. As per advice of Brahma Ji, Lalita Devi re-established the Chakra at this place and regulated the flow of water.  Since then a number of people use to visit this holy place, particularly on Somvati Amavasya. You can see the nearby Bhooteshwarnath Temple,Sootgaddi, Chakranarayan temple, Badrinarayan temple, Shivalay Bhairav ji and Kashikund,etc.  


2. Hanuman Garhi : Near the Pandev Kila (Fort) there is a huge size stone-carved murti of Shri Hanuman Ji. Shri Ram and Lakshman are sitting on the soulders of Hanuman ji.   After winning Ahiravana in patal lok, Hanuman ji first emeged at this place, hence this place is significant in the heart of people who come from different parts of India each year.  On the stairs of of the temple, one can see statues of Ganesh Ji, Makardhwaj etc.  Since the Hanuman Ji is facing towards south the temple is also called Dakshireshwar Hanuman ji.


3. Pandav  Kila -On the south west side of Chakratrith, you can see Pandav Kila at the bank of river Gomti.  As per legend, this kila (fort) was of King Virat of Mahabharat.  During 'Banvas'  Pandavs lived here.  Beautiful statues of Lord Krishna and Pandavs can be seen here.  It is said that in the year 1305, this fort was rebuilt by a Hindu Minister of Alauddin Khilji.

4. Lalita Devi Temple  -This is an ancient temple. As per legends, by the order of Lord Brahma, Lalita Devi appeared at this place for the destructions of Asurs in Devasur Sangram.  Mention of Lalita devi can be traced in Puran -Shaktipeeth(Hindus sacred books). After having a holy dip in Chakratirth, visit this famous temple for 'Darshan'. "

5. Yvas Gaddi

As per legends, Maharshi Yvas wrote Ved Puran -sacred Hindu books which describe Hindu way of life, at this holy place. This place has been a witness to the meeting of eightyfour thousand saints and Rishis. It has  been a place of 'tapasya' by Manu and Shatrupla.  Nearby is a very old Vat tree.

6. Havan Kund - an ancient Havan kund which was used by Rishis and saints.

Puran Temple and Ma Anandmayi Ashram -  Here four Veds are kept. 7. Mishrikh -Dadhichi Kund:  Around 10 km. away from Naimisharanya, Mishrikh is also a holy Tirth.  As per legends, Devats requested Brahma ji to help them to  destruct Vatrasur who was a source of harassment to them.  Hence Maharishi Dadhichi was requested to provide his bones for making  a Vajra.  Before giving his bones, Maharshi took bath in this Pond which was made a combination of  water from holy rivers. The significant of Mishrikh is well described in Padampuram (Aadikhand).


8. Sita kund

It is said that God Ram Lakshman and Sita visited this place while leaving for Vanvas.  Sitaji took bath here and hence it is called Sitakund.  


9. Puram Mandir and Ashram of Ma Anandmayi

This is an ancient temple where 4 Veds have been kept.  Nearby is the Ma Anandmayi Ashram. Swami Nardanand Temple is worth visiting where still  spiritual education is imparted in the traditional manner.  Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's Paramhans Math, which is also known as Gariya Math is also worth seeing

Note : Religious Tour Ayodhya -Naimisharanya in UP can be customised as per Guest preference .

Terms and Condition :-

1) Including Car, Fuel, Driver, Toll,Taxes.

2) Other charges will be applicable by the party ( Food, Hotel. )

3) Rates are subject to change without prior notice as per policy.

3) 100% Advance on Booking .



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