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Assam Bengal Brahmaputra Cruises, Guwahati


Assam Bengal Brahmaputra Cruises

ASSAM BENGAL CRUISES is an Indo-British joint venture, based in Guwahati (Assam, India) and running cruises in Assam and Hughli river Ex-Kolkata (West Bengal, India).

It pioneered long-distance river cruising in India in 2003 with unique cruises on the River Brahmaputra in Assam, and in 2007 started the River Hugli cruise between Kolkata and the Ganges. It was awarded the Indian National Tourism Award for Innovation in 2004-5 and idea here is to experience River cruising like no other place else.

Assam Cruises - Wildlife and wilderness are the main features of a cruise in Assam on the vast Brahmaputra river - the river bed is often 20 or 30 km across, an empty world of sand spits and water with marvellous bird life and the occasional Gangetic Dolphin. The cruises here also give access to a number of India's National Parks, including Kaziranga, perhaps the finest of all, and Manas, a Project Tiger reserve on the Bhutan border.

What is there to see

Bengal Cruises - The waterways of the old Bengal Presidency now lie in the Indian states of Bihar and West Bengal, and in independent Bangladesh. Here in the north of the region the rivers Ganges and Brahmaputra meet head to head and then flow out to the sea through the world's largest delta. The rivers meet the sea through a maze of low-lying mangrove-covered islands, the famous Sunderbans, home of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Inland, however, on the rich agricultural land lie prosperous towns and rich in history and culture. This is village India at its best, completely unknown to tourists. Cruises go north from Calcutta on the intimate River Hugli, and can be linked with our cruises on the Ganges proper from the Bangladesh border up to the historic city of Patna.



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