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The Tree House Resort, Jaipur


The Tree House Resort

The Tree Houses are therefore a blend of modernity and comfort in the heart of pristine nature- air- conditioned accommodation, wi- fi, satellite televisions and plasma TVs, luxurious and grand living with all the trappings that one is used to in its urban existence- and all this atop live green trees.

The Tree House are simply and literally - nests of utmost luxury. The modern comforts fade immediately in the face of the pleasure of experiencing the singing group of birds right outside your window on the tree tops, or the view of the enchanting blossoming of the flowers in all their hues. Not surprising that most of our esteemed guests have come to The Tree Houses and discovered " nature" , and in turn re-discovered themselves.

The modern amenities and facilities provided at The Tree Houses have more often than not, taken a back seat in the priorities of our esteemed guests. Almost all visitors yearn for more and want to return at the first given opportunity, and most do come back.

Our hearts are delighted, and are souls are stirred to see the magic of mother nature re-establishing the bondage with its most versatile child- the humans, and the child in turn yearning to spend more time with its mother of all mothers- the mother nature itself. Our delight and joys, naturally knows no bounds to see the vision that we nursed turn into reality.


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Deluxe Room

INR 10000

Luxury Nests

INR 12000

Private Tree House

INR 14000

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