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The Riverview Resort, Chiplun


The Riverview Resort



Ayurveda - Holistic science of Health and Happiness Ayurveda originated as an integral part of the spiritual science of Vedas, which give a comprehensive insight in to the nature of the universe. Ayurveda includes various branches of scientific knowledge such as naturopathy, herbology, dietics, yoga, psychology, hydrotherapy, herbal preparations and spirituality etc.
Ayurveda has profound 'holistic' approach to human health; it recognizes the deep-rooted relation between human body and mind in the process of origin and disappearance of disease. It clearly states that a positive and strong mind can play a vital role in healing a physical disease and at the same time a mere sick and ill mind can give rise to physical ailment.
Ayurvedic healers have an extensive knowledge of the healing powers of thousands of herbs whose origin they seem to feel divine. They were aware of the fact that even the herbs have emotions and are sensitive. This is the reason why the herbs are treated with great respect and love. The relation between the healing efficacy of the sap of the herbs and the phases of the moon was noted by the Ayurvedic-Healers.

SPA Facilities
Located in the picturesque and serene surroundings at our poolside set like Balinese SPA room so close to nature and surrounded by medicinal herbs, the ambiance at the center gives a feeling of healing and relaxation. The Center specializes in Ayurvedic massages and Therapies preformed by trained professionals
A yoga expert will guide you through Yogic Asanas and pranyama or breathing techniques.
You can then avail the services of our expert masseurs for ayurvedic and aromatherapy oil massages besides our ayurvedic beautification techniques. Various herbal powders are mixed together with traditional formulae along with Fruit, Vegetable extracts, honey curd .
These therapies regenerates skin cells and improve the composition, texture and add glow to the skin.Follow it up with a steam bath and an Open to Nature Shower room.



The Massage



Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Oil Body Massage

Classical Ayurvedic Oil Massage

with Lavender Oil or Orange Oil

40 Minutes

Aroma Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Blends of Love or Harmony or Stress Relief Oils.

40 Minutes

Royal  Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Almond Oil or Olive Oil

40 Minutes

Head Massage

Herbal Coconut Oil

20 Minutes

Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments



Facial Massage and Herbal Nourishing Mask

Skin Cleansing and Conditioning Skin Revitalizing



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Superior Rooms

INR 9500

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