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Malhar Machi, Mulshi


Malhar Machi

Spa At Malhar Machi

Through the combination of natural and premium international skin care brands, used in the finest spas and salons worldwide, the spa at Malhar Machi has treatment technologies, to resolve your beauty, wellness and grooming concerns and accentuate your natural beauty and inner healing.


In today's stressful & tumultuous world, one of the many methods that people employing order to relax is massage. Massage therapy is quickly becoming preferred method of stress relief & relaxation. The key to this form of therapy is to target areas on the body that tend are susceptible to pressure and try to release whatever strength they may be experiencing. Many people, if not everyone, are familiar with the traditional form of massage in which the hands are used in order to release pressure from the body Vital statistics are minor contribution to the beautiful body. More important is the state of mind that sits on top. This is achieved by taking time for one self. Vital part of life that most ignore. Massage is the oldest & simplest form of health care. The uncomplicated process of holistic therapy is techniques is proven to unleash countless therapeutic & anti-ageing benefits from helping the heart rate blood pressure, breathing & digestion, Begin the journey of peaceful healing through treatments


A gentle, relaxing deep tissue full body massage using customized healing aromatic pre blended oils to reduce physical & emotional tension stimulates calms & detoxifies while revitalizing the mind, body & spirit. You may choose your personal massage oil depending on your mood & needs.


Tones remedial & frims the muscles & deeply relaxes the mind. Firm pressure & deep massage is experienced. This massage aids blood & lymphatic circulation, & elimination of waste products form muscles tissue. Great for this who suffer aches & pains & stiff muscles.


This remedial massage is designed for aches, pains & any mild muscles injury or stiffness after sports. It involves deep stretches & massage. Helpful for those who frequent the gym & exercise, & want to remain supple & pain free.


This is traditional Thai & Indonesian Hot herbal poultice massage is highly detoxifying, purifying & healing. A combination of the herbal compress placed over various areas of the body & a thorough massage allows for deep relaxation. The heat from the poultice relaxes stiff muscles & loosens tension before a deep tissue massage is carried out. The herbs are carefully selected to cleanse & detoxify while the massage eliminates toxins & relaxes the body, great for the winter times as well as for detoxification & stiffness.


Hot stone with fragrant aromatic oils are placed on the energy points of the body, yo balance & open the chakra points ready for healing. The stones are used to massage the body using deep tissue therapy techniques, giving a soothing yet deep & profoundly relaxing treatment. An ancient healing art using volcanic stones & the energy of the therapist.


Cold stone massage provides stress relief & helps the body to relax. It also helps the mind let go of anxiety & trauma. A cold stone massage is helpful for sporting injuries, swelling & inflammation. It will help to calm the body with cool stones coupled with the soothing impact of human touch. Stone massage is an ancient art that is now in vogue again. Some patients may simply prefer the feel cold stones against their bodies, as compared to heated stones. Cold stone massage are sometimes medically preferable in some cases, a patients should undergo a cold stone massage, rather than a hot stone massage. That includes cases in which the patient's muscles are sore, or the muscles tissue has become damaged. In both cases, the heat from the heated basalt stone could further aggravate the soreness or damage, & increase the pain that the patient feels.

Cold stone massages can help to revitalize body parts & helps to rejuvenate patients. Some applications includes, Reducing puffy eyes, Relieving tired eyes & Lowering sinus pressure.


The process of bamboo massage employs the use of bamboo stalks which vary in length & thickness. These bamboo stalks are used to provide deep-tissue work. Some of the benefits of bamboo massage are that it promotes blood circulation, improves sensory nerve perception & drainage of the lymphatic system while also providing a sense of relaxation & relief from tension. Bomboo massage is also beneficial to the massage therapist as it lessens the stress that is placed on the hands & fingers while still affording the massage therapist to penetrate deeply into the body tissues. The use of bamboo for the purpose of massage is beneficial since the pressure that is applied using bamboo sticks can penetrate deep into the tissues of the body. This helps to raise energy levels of the body & reduces fluidity in the body. This revitalizes the body, especially for someone who was feeling sluggish. Bamboo sticks relieves sluggishness by releasing the heat that accumulates when toxins build up in the body & there is inadequate circulation to get rid of them. Bamboo allows the massage therapist to work more deeply in the body tissues & tension relief as it provides instant & long lasting results. I t aids in the physical, mental, spiritual & emotional well being & improves the connection between mind the body.


Thai Massage aims to realign & energies the body. This massage focuses on circulation & pressure points, promoting internal health as well as muscular flexibility. This massage involves the masseues using hands, elbows, knees & feet to apply various pressures to the " sen" (or energy lines) along the body. Try one for the therapeutic healing experience.


These shells magnificent to look at they give a unique & deeply therapeutic massage. Shell massage is done in the same way as Hot Stone & Crystal massage.


This calming therapy can be combined with traditional modalities as well as energy modalities. Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Reflexology, Remedial along with all beauty treatments & scrubs. The healing properties of crystals, colour & chakra therapists combined with traditional massage gives a complete overall holistic healing. With this modality you will be offering your traditional clients seeking muscle relief as well. Increase your sales & reputation for being the salon that offers all body, mind & beauty solutions.


Lava shell massage is a relaxing massage that uses heat, like hot stone massage& La Stone Therapy, During a Lava Shell Massage, the therapist uses real shells from the Philippines to gently massage your body. The heat comes from inside the Lava Shell due to a mixture of a minerals & algae with salt water & essential oils. When they are combined inside the shell, it creates a chemical reaction that causes heat for one or two hours.


An ancient technique for foot relief grown of the understanding that every part of our faithful pair of feet corresponds to a part of our body making them key healing points. Research indicates that reflex zones of the feet affects the levels of stress, wellness & energy in the body. This treatment includes a complete reflexology massage, which aid the body's ability to heal itself. The outcome is complete relaxation of the body, mind & spirit & a feelin of overall wellness. (A course of six treatments is recommended to achieve the healing benefits of this remarkable ancient alternative therapy.)


A scalp massage not only relaxes the nervous system but also stimulates the brain cells. A scalp massage will also help you reduce stress & nervousness. This treatment applies natural oils to the hair, for maximum benefit to both the scalp & stress relief. You may have the treatment without oil as well. To attain maximum gain, an oil scalp massage should be done on a regular basis.


Sometimes referred to as champissage, Indian head massage is an alternative healing approach that focuses on therapeutic touch that involves the neck, face & head. The underlying principle is that there are energy channels within the area above the shoulders that impact the function of every organ in the human body. By using massage techniques to free those channels of any blocks that prevent the free flow of energy throughout the body, it is believed that a balance of body & mind can be restored. As a result, the individual begins to heal from whatever ailment has been troubling him or her.


Lie in comfort while we relive you of the unique strains of pregnancy, our trained staff will indulge you with utmost care & unravel their prenatal massage expertise, which only we know how to.


A lymphatic drainage leg massage & a wrap including using active ingredients to improve blood circulation, fluid elimination relieving tired legs or bad circulation is the order of the day here. This treatment is recommended to relieve arthritic pain or suitable for pre & post pregnancy.


Add any of these body basic services to your massage & enhance your experience while you have made time to be here. Go on .


Rest your tried head as we massage natural oils in to your scalp & hair.


Sporty, high-heel wearer, pregnant, fluid retentive, or just on your feet all day, you will get a spring in your step & breeze out of here after this complete leg massage

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