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Natures Bliss Resort (Previously Watermelon), Nashik


Natures Bliss Resort (Previously Watermelon)

A.C. TENTS Rs:4500 A.C. COTTAGES Rs:4000 A.C. DORM ( minimum 20 persons for dormitory ) Rs:800

Red Monkey

RED MONKEY at WATERMELON Resort is complete with adventure sports that are unique. Creation of camping activities in a resort has many facets. The adventures are attractive to various age groups and the same are provided with safety nets at every desirable place.

AquaFun  :- Aquafun is not a water park as envisaged by WATERMELON...It is in the form of a huge inflatable play ground on water with excellent safety facilities in an artificial pool...You can jump, slide, climb, revolve, balance and conquer the inflatable obstacles...Watch kids and elders enjoy the pool to the maxx!!!

  • Trampoline 

  • Iceburg

  • Saturn

  • Water Slide

  • Water Walkinglog

  • Run Way

  • Catapult Bag

  • See Saw

  • Water Gym

  • Aqua Track

  • Water Walking Ball

  • Water Roller

  • Water Hill

  • Aqua Crown

  • Aqua Whirl

Aerofun at RED MONKEY brings you a combination of various adventure activities...An excellent way to explore leadership skills and hone them...


  • Rock Clambing

  • Rapling

  • Flying Fox

  • Trapeez Jump

  • Cargo Net Crossing

  • Monking Bridge

  • Swing Tyre Crossing

  • Burma Bridge

  • Vertical Log Crossing

  • Jumping Disk

  • Zic-Zag

  • Burma Loop

  • Commando Bridge

  • Ladder Climbing

  • Aerofun

GreenPutt is a unique 9-hole Mini Golf course that tests your abilities for accuracy. The Golf Course has been designed based on the World standards


  • Hole No. 1 - Blues

  • Hole No. 2 - Country

  • Hole No. 3 - Hiphop

  • Hole No. 4 - Jazz

  • Hole No. 5 - Latin

  • Hole No. 6 - Pop

  • Hole No. 7 - Rock

  • Hole No. 8 - Folk

  • Hole No. 9 - Electronic

Within the facilities for FUN ACTS you will find activities keeping you glued to RED MONKEY...These include Bumper Balls, Catapult, Sumo fight, and totall stunnin and UNIQUE ROCKET where you take a trip in the air up to 30 feet within the rocket...An experience in itself for all ages...

  • CataPult  Reconnect with childhood

  • Sumo Fight  Never give up!

  • Bumper Balls Bounce back with zeal!

  • Archery Simple is awesome!

  • Zorb Ball Upside Down

  • Firing ZoneGuns with sound...safe...

  • Oldy GoldyLet's live life again

  • RocketWings to fly

  • Cycling Driven by fun

  • Hoopla

  • Bean Bag Tossing

  • Carom

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INR 5000


INR 4500

A.C. DORM ( minimum 20 persons for dormitory )

INR 1200

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