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Holi And Colours

Gulal and abeer are synonymous to the festival of Holi. Gulal is a natural color and is made from the flowers of Palash (Tessu). The flowers are bright red-orange in color. The flowers are dried and powdered to give us the saffron red colored Gulal. When these flowers are boiled in water and filtered, colored water that is obtained is used for playing Holi.

Abeer is made of small crystals of paper like chips of mica. This is usually mixed with the Gulal to give it a rich shine.

There are various types of colors used for the festival of Holi. Out of the colors, gulal are the prominent ones. They are available in rose, red, green and yellow colors. They are generally scented, dry and applied on face. Being very soft color, gulal doesn't cause much stain, even if it is mixed with water. The color is also used to apply tilak on the forehead of guests of Holi. Hard and long lasting colors in the shades of green are also available in the market, which are generally mixed with water and splashed using pichkari. Balloons are also filled with the colors.




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