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Janmashtami Legends

The atrocities of King Kamsa had crossed all limits. The good were admonished while the evils were put on the pedestal. Kamsa imprisoned his own father, King Ugrasena, to seize the throne. Mother Earth and the mortals invoked Lord Vishnu to help them. It was then that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Krishna to bring peace on earth.

A divine voice revealed to Kamsa that the son born to his Sister Devaki would be responsible for his death. Family bonds meant nothing for him so the very next moment he decided to kill Devaki. But Vasudev, her husband convinced him not to do that. Vasudev assured him that he would hand over to Kansa all the children born to Devaki.

The tale of misery had begun. The first six children born to Devaki were mercilessly dashed to death on a stone slab. The seventh child was miraculously transferred to rohini's womb, the second wife of Vasudeva.

Devaki's eighth, Krishna was born at midnight. The prison doors opened and the guards fell asleep. The night was furious with thunder and storm. The River Yamuna flowed in full fury too. Vasudeva placed the newly born child in a basket and carried him on his head across the river. A serpent protected the child from the violent showers. The river was too deep for Vasudeva to cross it. But as soon as Krishna put out his little foot and touched the waters, the water receded at that point, enabling Vasudev to cross the river safely.

Vasudev exchanged his son for Yashoda's daughter and returned to the prison at Mathura, where all the guards were still asleep. In the morning, Kansa was informed that Devaki had delivered a baby girl. Kansa was ready to dash this child on the stone slab too. But suddenly the child took the form of Goddess kali, laughed and said, " The one destined to kill you is safely away at Gokul". And then started the whole series of events to kill Krishna. But it was Kansa who was finally annihilated by Krishna.




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