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Janmashtami Puja

Janmashtami Puja

Puja Items
Janmashtami puja is done using the items that are required especially for the festival. It is believed that each puja item has a significance. This is primarily because of the fact that in order to worship the deity in a traditional way, all the puja items are required. Therefore, nothing should be missed out from the list of puja items for Janmashtami. Some of the very important puja items for Krishna Janmashtami include a puja thali, bell, diya (earthen lamp), rice, cardamom, betel nuts (pan supari), beetle leaves, roli, small container (lota) filled with Gangajal, honey, vermilion (sindoor), incense sticks, flowers and clarified butter (ghee). Apart from this, one also requires new clothes and jewelry for the deity as well as a small cradle. The items needed to make the Panchamrit include Gangajal, honey, ghee, milk and yogurt.

Special puja is conducted at Lord Krishna temples on Janmashtami. The puja for the festival usually begins early in the morning, when a sacred bath is given to the idol of baby Krishna, using the holy water of Hindus - Ganga jal (water collected from River Ganga). After bathing, the idol is adorned with new clothes (that are decked with precious stone) that are made especially for embellishing it on the auspicious occasion. Yellow, orange and red may be the color of the clothes. Thereafter, the idol is clad with jewelry. The holy place is illuminated with diyas, while the devotees chant mantras and sing bhajans, praising Lord Krishna. Next, the idol is swung in a cradle, during which conches are blown. When the entire pooja is over, the devotees break their fast by having 'panchamrit'. Thereafter, the prasad is distributed among the devotees.




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