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Amla navami is celebrated on the navami of Kartik shukla paksha and is also known as Akshaya navami. Devotees perform religious ceremonies like holy bath, puja and charity to get relief from their sins and to fulfill their wishes. It is believed that Satyuga commenced on this day. There is a tradition of worshipping the Amla tree on Kartik navami. According to the ancient scriptures, Amla is a favourite fruit of Lord Vishnu and all the gods and goddesses resides in the tree.

During Amla Navami festival, devotees offer Abhishek to Lord Vishnu with amla fruits and they cook food under an amla tree and offer naivedya to the Lord. Vishnu Sahasranama parayana and chanting the Kartik Purana are the main rituals during Amla Navami. Amla Navami is observed as Akshaya Navami or Kushmanda Navami in other places of India.

Amla Navami Puja
The observer should take bath early in the morning and worship the Amla tree while facing east. Begin the fast by taking water, rice, flowers etc in your right hand. Light an incense and lamp at the foot of the tree and take 7 rounds of the tree while performing the aarti. After that feed the priests under the tree and donate them as per your potency followed by reciting the katha. Incase you do not have Amla tree in your garden, then you can plant a small Amla plant in a pot and begin your prayer.

Amla Navami Significant
Kartik shukla paksha navami has a significant place in Hindu culture and is considered to be a sacred date. Donating gold, clothes etc is said to be very auspicious on this day. The priests can save the observer from the major sins like cow killing, murder etc. Charaka Samhita has expressed its importance. According to which, on Kartik Shukla Navami day saint chayawan took amla and was blessed to be a weed.

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