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Anant Chaturdashi is celebrated on Chaturdashi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada. Lord Vishnu is worshipped on this day. Lord Krishna is considered a form of Vishnu and Sheshnaga is considered a form of Kala or time. That is why, both are worshipped together on this day.On Anant Chaturdasi, Lord Ananta Padmanabha is worshipped and Ananta Vrat is observed. Anant Vrat is an observance which is followed for 14 consecutive years for marital bliss. This vow is observed by married couple.Anant means endless, infinite.The fourteenth day (Chaturdashi) of the waxing moon (Shukla Paksh) of Bhadrapad, is a day, when people take their mind away from worldly actions and devote themselves to God.

Method of Worship
A person should wear clean clothes after completing the morning ablutions. Then, place a Mandap on a wooden seat. Place a statue of lord Vishnu and Sesh Naga on the five grains of rice and Kusha grass. A thread is then coloured with turmeric and 14 knots are tied into it. It is kept in front of the statue of lord Vishnu. Then, it is worshipped with incense, rice, flowers, lamp and Prasada. The Anantdev in the form of thread is worn on the right arm. Women wear this thread on their left hand. This thread when worn bestows prosperity and wealth.

The 14 knots of Anant are the symbol of 14 lokas. A Mantra remembering lord Anant is chanted at the end of the worship. The Mantra is: -Anant Sarv Naganamdhipa Sarvkamada Sada Bhuyat Prasannomain Bhakatanabhayam-Karah". Salt is prohibited when the fast is observed on this day.

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