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Utpatti Ekadashi, Uthpatti Ekadasi or Utpanna Ekadashi, is observed on 11th day of Krishna Paksha in Margashirsha month as per North Indian Hindi calendars. This Ekadasi vrat is associated with the birth of Ekadashi Mata and the demolition of demon Murasura by Lord Vishnu.

While Lord Vishnu was sleeping, Murasura attempted to kill the Lord. By the divine creation of Vishnu, Goddess Ekadashi was emerged and killed the demon. To honor the Goddess, Lord Vishnu blessed her that who observes fasting on Ekadashi would get moksha (salvation).

Utpatti means create, emerge or appear. Everything has been created by the Supreme Almighty. And there are reasons explained in the scriptures for the various creations of things in this universe. Even God needs a reason for Him to appear on earth, let alone anything else.

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