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Raksha Panchami, also known as Rekha Panchami, is observed on the fifth day in second half during Shravan month. It is believed that who missed to tie Rakhi or getting tied the Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Pournima, will tie and get tied Rakhi on Raksha Panchami. On Raksha Panchami, Lord Ganesha is also worshipped. During Rekha Panchami, Lord Bhairava, one of the forms of Lord Shiva is worshipped.Some people draw the picture of Nandi the vehicle of Lord Shiva on the back door.

A prayer (invocation) to Lord Shiva is written on palm leaf and is hung on the top of the door. Along with the palm leaf, kusha grass and a small packet of rice also hung on the door.
At night there is a ritual of making small offerings to wild animals and snakes.

Rekha Panchami celebrations in Orissa
Raksha Panchami is celebrated as Rekha Panchami in Orissa. During Rekha Panchami, Lord Bhairava, one of the forms of Lord Shiva is worshipped. Rekha Panchami is celebrated to get rid of Mruga or to be protected (Rekha is drawn to get rid of wild animals) from wild animals like tiger, wolf and wild dogs. Rekha Panchami falls on Krishna Paksha Panchami in Bhadrapad month as per Oriya calendar.

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