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The ekadashi that falls after the navratras is called Kamada ekadashi or Chaitra shukla ekadashi. Chaitra Sudi Ekadashi grants all the wishes. All sorts of sins are removed on observing this fast. It is said, this Ekadashi give fruits just like fire burns the wood. Similarly, this fast burns all sins of a person. The virtues of this fast helps to conceive child. And, person observing this fast, gets a place in heaven after death.

Kamada Ekadashi Fast Method
Person observing this fast should not eat barley, wheat and moong dal etc. in meal, on Dashmi (a day before Ekadashi). Use of salt should be avoided in food. And, the person should sleep on ground, on Dashmi Tithi. The fasting period of this fast is for 24 hours and rules of this fast are followed from Dashmi itself.

For observing this fast, person needs to wake up early in the morning and have bath with pure soil. A paste of Til and Amla is used for bathing. After this, Lord Vishnu is worshipped. For performing the Puja, first of all, cereals are placed. On this, an urn of mud or copper is kept. The urn is tied with red color cloth and worshiped with incense sticks, lamps etc. Lord Vishnu is worshipped with incense sticks, lamps, flowers etc .

Kamada Ekadashi Fast Story
There was a king named Pundarika, who used to rule a city named Bhognipur. His treasury was full of gold and silver. There, many nymph and Gandharavas used to dwell. Here lived a couple named Lalit and Lalita, who were very rich and they used to love each other a lot. Both used to get anxious on staying apart, even for a little while.
Once king Pundarika with Gandharavas went to a gathering. Here, Lalit Gandharv was also singing with him. His beloved, Lalita wasn't present. Lalit started remembering her and lost his rhythm. On this, king got angry and cursed him, and he became a demon.
By the curse, Lalit Gandharava changed to a ghastly demon. his face became terrifying. He eyes tuned red like sun and moon. His hairs looked like trees on a mountain. His body expanded. Now, he suffered pain and punishment for his mistake.
Lalita got very upset on seeing the condition of her beloved. She started thinking of ways for the freedom of her husband. Once while wandering after her husband, she reached Vindhayachal mountain. She saw an Ashram of Rishi, at that place. Soon she went there and pleaded for help, infront of Rishi.
Looking at her, Rishi asked her name and reason behind her visit. Lalita replied "Hey Rishi! I am a Gandharva girl, Lalita. By husband has changed to a demon by the curse of king Pundarika. I am really upset. Tell me a way for my husband's salvation.
On this, Rishi asked her to observe the fast on Kamada Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha, Chaitra Masa. This will make her husband free from the curse. So, Lalita happily observed the fast. On Dvadashi (a day after Ekadashi), she gave the fruit of fast to her husband, infront of Brahmans.
She worshipped Lord "O Lord!, give the benefits of this fast, I observed, to my husband. So that, he gets free from the curse." By the result of fast her husband came to his original form. This way, a person gets rid of all his sins by observing this fast.

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