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Janmashtami In Maharashtra

Lord Krishna is believed to have been incorrigibly mischievous when he was a child. His love for butter and his endeavors to steal butter is well known. In Maharashtra, Janmashtami witnesses the enactment of Lord Krishna's attempts to steal butter kept in pots kept far beyond his reach. A matka or pot containing curd or butter is suspended high above the ground. Groups of young men form human pyramids to try and break the pot. The boys clamber on each other's shoulder to reach the coveted pot. The human pyramid collapses a number of times, the onlookers cheer them up while the rival groups shower water on them. The whole event is quite lively and hilarious.

Dahi Handi :
An extremely euphoric atmosphere prevails in different cities of Maharashtra during the festival. The city of Mumbai experiences lot of enthusiasm among young men and boys who carry out the Dahi Handi ritual every year at various places. An earthen pot hung 20-30 feet from the ground with the help of a rope is broken by a human pyramid. The young boys don't give up till the time the pot is broken, followed by prize distribution ceremony. It is a popular belief among devotees that the broken pieces of the pot, if kept in the house will help remove negative powers and rats.




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