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Janmashtami In Gujarat

Janmashtami is popular as 'Gokulashtami' or 'Krishna Jayanti'. Lord Krishna is regarded as one of the main Gods among the Hindus. According to the mythology, there are various 'Yug' (phase) of Hindu mythology, and the birth of Sri Krishna took place in 'Dwapur Yug'. Sri Krishna came in this world to demolish the daemon Kansha, the king of Mathura. The birth occasion of Krishna is celebrated with the offerings that take place through out the night.
Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and he took birth to kill his maternal uncle Kansha.

People of Gujarat treat the occasion as a grand event and the celebration takes place in temples, personal houses and in the localities when all the females treat Lord Krishna as their own child. On the occasion different sweets, dishes are prepared to give honor to the God.

Dwarka, the kingdom founded by Lord Krishna is located within the territories of the present day Gujarat and therefore, Krishna Janmashtami in Gujarat India is one of the most popular of the fairs and festivals in Gujarat.The Krishna Janmashtami Celebration in Gujarat is therefore one of the most popular events that is celebrated in both the public as well as private domain.

In gujarat Women give up all the household chores like cooking and cleaning etc. to play cards. This is an age old tradition. Women doing mind placing bets during the card session. The exact history of this peculiar tradition during Janmashtami is unknown but according to sociologists, this custom may have begun as a pass-time for women in the joint family system. Fasting all day long, the women played cards to kill time as well as keep them awake the entire night. It is said that women eat cold food prepared two days in advance.




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