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Shrinathji Temple

Shrinathji  Temple

Srinathji temple Located in Shri Nathadwara in Rajasthan (India) is an absolutely beautiful black marble Deity of Lord Krishna, standing with His hand upraised lifting Govardhana Hill. The idol of Srinathji, sculpted out of one piece of black marble was installed first at the Jatipura temple at Mathura (UP) by Jagatguru Sri Vallabhacharya.

Shri Nathdwara (a pathway to Lord Shri Krishna) literally means the gateway to the Lord ShriNathji. This great Vaishnavite shrine was built in the 17th century on spot exactly identified by the Lord himself.

Many devotees who visit Nathdwara do service for the Deity, such as carry wood, cut vegetables, sweep the temple, or make garlands.

The legends have it that the idol of the Lord Krishna was being transferred to safer place from Vrindavan to protect it from the destructive wrath of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. When the idol reached this spot, the wheels of bullock cart it was traveling in, sank axle deep in mud and refused to move further, at all. The accompanying priest realized that this was Lord's chosen spot and the Lord did not want to travel any further. Accordingly a Temple was built here. This is a temple and place of pilgrimage amongst its believers.

There is a story that Sri Nathji once tore his garment while rushing back to the temple to be on time for darshan. From that day on it has been a custom to blow the conch and then wait several minutes before opening the altar doors. In that way Sri Nathji may return leisurely to his temple from wherever he may be sporting.

The temple of Sri Nathji and other places of worship for the followers of Vallabhacharya are like houses. They are made to be like the Gokul house of Krishna's father, Nanda Maharaja. The temple, therefore, is also known as Nanda Bhavan or Nandalaya, "the house of Nanda Maharaja." On the top of the temple is a spire, or kalasa, as well as the disc of Lord Vishnu and seven flags.

The temple owns lot of cows. One of the cows is called the "Sri Nathji's cow" and comes from a lineage that has served the Deity for generations. The milk from this cow goes only for Sri Nathji to drink. Milk from the other cows is made into various sweets for the Deity.


More info on the city

Nathdwar is located 48 km northeast of Udaipur, in Rajasthan, on the right bank of the Banas River.This small town is famous as the home for Sri Nathji, one of the most popular Deities of Lord Krishna in India. The name of the town means doorway to Nathji. Nathdwar is very crowded on Janmastami and during Govardhana Puja.

Hotels near Nathdwara

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Radisson Hotel Nathdwara Located 50 kilometers north of Udaipur's impressive palaces, temples, and lakes, Nathdwara is another must-visit destination.

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Garden View Hotel

Garden View Hotel of Nathdwara offers Contemporary luxuries in peaceful surrounding and within proximity to the world famous Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara.

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Hotel Utsav

Hotel Utsav is located on the Udaipur-Ajmer Road at 2 kms from Nathdwara, a famous Krishna Pilgrimage in Rajasthan.

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