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Dwarkadhish Temple Divya Desam

Dwarkadhish Temple Divya Desam

Dwarka Temple is revered as one of the 108 Divya Desam temple.Dwarkadish is another name of Lord Krishna that means the 'Lord of Dwarka'. The five-storey high temple is built on seventy-two pillars. The temple spire is 78.3m (235 feet) high. From the temple dome waves an eighty-four foot long multicolored flag decorated with the symbols of the sun and moon. Dwarkadhish Temple is one of the 108 Divya Desam Temple of Lord Vishnu

Lord Krishna's grandson, Vajranabha, is said to have built the original temple of Dwarkadhish over the hari-griha (Lord Krishna's residential place). The sanctum of the temple is formed by the Jagat Mandir, or Nija Mandir, which dates back at least 2500 years. The Jagat Mandir has a tall tower and a hall of audience. There are two entrances to the temple. The main entrance (north entrance) is called 'Moksha Dwara' (Door to Salvation). This entrance leads to the main market. The south entrance is called 'Swarga Dwara' (Gate to Heaven). Outside this doorway are 56 steps that lead to the Gomati River. The audience hall has both ancient and fairly modem sculptures. The main Deity in this temple is Lord Dwarkadhish, who is on the central altar. The Deity represents the four-armed form of Vishnu called Trivikrama. There is a temple to the right of the main Deity that contains the Deity of Lord Baladevaji (Balarama), who is the older brother of Lord Krishna. The temple to the left of the main Deity contains a big Deity of Pradyumna and a small Deity of Aniruddha. They are the son and grandson of Lord Krishna. Opposite this shrine is the shrine of Purusottama (Vishnu). Next to this shrine is a shrine dedicated to Kuseswara Mahadeva (Shiva).

The shrine facing Dwarkadhish is dedicated to Devaki, the mother of Lord Krishna. Next to this shrine is a temple dedicated to Veni-madhava (Lord Vishnu). Behind the main temple in the eastern part of the temple compound are shrines of Radhikaji, Jambavati, Satyabhama and Lakshmi. There are also shrines of Saraswati and Lakshmi-Narayana


More info on the city

Dwarka is situated in the extreme west of the state of Gujarat in the Saurashtra peninsula on the Arabian Sea. Dwarka is 145 Kms. from Jamnagar. The sacred town of Dwarka, one of the main centres of the Krishna legend, sits on the western most tip of the Gujarat peninsula, a sentinel over looking the Arabian Sea.

Hotels near Dwarka

Hotel Devkinandan

Hotel Devkinandan is short walk from the famous Dwarkadhish Shrine. The hotel offers panoramic view of the Dwarkashish temple, The Gomti ghat and the Sudama Setu



Best Price: Rs.7000 per day

Hotel Shree Darshan

Hotel Shree Darshan  is located at Dwarka (Gujarat, India) at 2 minutes walking distance from the famous Dwarka

Best Price: Rs.1000 per day

Guruprerna Beacon Resort

Guruprerna Beacon Resort is located at Dwarka (Gujarat, India) at 5 minutes walking distance from the famous Dwarka Temple. Dwarka is a famous pilgrimage centre of Gujarat known for its Krishna Temple.

Best Price: Rs.700 per day



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