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Krishna Temple Guruvayur

 Krishna Temple Guruvayur

Guruvayur, the abode of Lord Sree Guruvayurappan, is located 29 kms north west to the cultural capital of the Gods own country,thrissur in Kerala. This narrow coastline strip of land on the south western edge of Indian subcontinent is one of the 10 paradises in the world The Srikovil (sanctum) is square in shape. The Lord Guruvayurappan, as seen in the sanctum, is believed to have given darshan in this particular form to Vasudeva and Devaki at the time of His birth and to Arjuna during the Kurukshetra battle. The gracefully decorated little idol of Sri Krishna with Shanku, Chakra, Gadha and Lotus in His hands is awe-inspiring. The constant chantings of the Lord's names `Narayana' and `Guruvayurappa' fill the spiritual atmosphere around the sanctum.


More info on the city

Guruvayur is the abode of Lord Guruvayoorappan, one of the pretty forms of Lord Vishnu. It is bustling town with pilgrimage activities in the Trissur district of Kerala.Guruvayur, also known as the Dwaraka of the South, is one of the most important pilgrimage centres in India.

Hotels near Guruvayur

Hotel Guruvayur Darshan

Hotel Guruvayur Darshan, a High Class luxury hotel situated very near to Guruvayur Temple which is very easily accessible from the heart of the city

Best Price: Rs.5000 per day

Hotel Harivaram Yuga

Hotel Harivaram Yuga Harivaram Chattels and Hospitality Pvt Ltd owns and manages Your Unique Guruvayur Abode (YUGA), a premium facility hotel for your pilgrimage experience. Harivaram YUGA welcomes you at south Nada, a few footsteps away from Lord Krishna Temple where culture and history meet.

Best Price: Rs.4500 per day

Bhavanam Regency

Bhavanam Regency, the exquisite, stylish and economical property stands out majestically amongst the scores of commercial properties. The sheer aesthetics of our exterior is eye catching for its simplicity and elegance.Once you enter you are in a marvelous world of splendor and comfort, warm, calm and soothing

Best Price: Rs.3400 per day



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