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Hanseswari Temple

Hanseswari temple

The Hanseswari Temple or Hanseswari Temple is dedicated to goddess Hangseswari stands on the eastern side of Hooghly, Hanseswari Temple is situated at Bansberia, which is 47 km north of Kolkata in West Bengal. It was built in the beginning of 19th century. The main deity is the blue neem-wood idol of the four-armed goddess Hanseswari, a manifestation of Goddess Kali.

Hangseswari temple or Hanseswari temple is a Hindu Temple of goddess Hangseswari in the town of Bansberia at Hooghly.

The Hanseswari temple  is 21 m high and has 13 minars or Ratnas, each built in the shape of a lotus flower. The central tower is the tallest one rising 60 to 70 feet high. The inner structure of the building resembles human anatomy. The structure is built according to the Tantric principles. It follows the structure of a human body - Ira, Pingala, Bajraksha, Sushumna and Chitrini.

The construction of the temple was started by Raja Nirishinghadeb Roy Mahasay in 1801 and was later completed by his widow wife Queen Shankari in1814 after 15 years of work. The total costs of temple construction was Rs. 5,00,000. The structure of Goddess Kali temples usually  represents 'Tantrik Satchakrabhed'. The temple complex has another temple Ananta Basudeba temple besides the main temple.

Legend  of Hanseswari Temple - As per the legends, Rudru Pandit was related to a family of distinction at Chatra. He took retirement from his family mansion and began a series of religious austerities. As a result of his austerities, Lord Radhaballabh himself is said to have appeared to him in the form of a religious mendicant and instructed him to proceed to Gaur, the capital of Bengal to obtain a stab or stone from the gateway of viceroy and construct an image out of it.

As per the instruction, Rudru Pandit proceeded to Gaur and found that the Viceroy was a devoted Hindu. He told him about the orders he had received and that it should be accomplished without any hassles.

Soon the stone began to emit drops of water and at the same time Viceroy himself happened to pass away. The Minister pointed out that the drops of water dropping from the stone were the tears of the stone and that the inauspicious object should be removed from the palace. Permission was immediately given and Rudru was blessed with the gratification of his wishes.

Rudru set to work immediately on the stone and sculptured the image on it. The mysterious origin of the image soon attracted worshippers and the proprietors. Soon people decided to construct a temple inorder to protect the image.

Wish Fulfiling Temple -The temple is dedicated to Goddess Hanseswari, one of the manifestation of Goddess Kali. Devotees come here to worship goddess and seeks her blessings in the form  of a boon, wealth and fame. It is believed that whosoever visits this temple gets all his desires fulfilled. Book A Tour Package to Hanseswari Temple.

Hooghly,West Bengal

More info on the city

Hooghly is located in the state of West Bengal and it has been named after the Hooghly River.he district of Hooghly has the district of Burdwan on the north, the river Hooghly on the east, the district of Howrah on the south and the districts of Midnapore, Bankura and Burdwan on the west.




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