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The most fundamental of Hindu deities, is the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva - popular deities include Ganesha, Krishna, Hanuman and goddesses like Lakshmi, Durga,Saraswati.

Legend of lord buddha

According to a Tibetan belief, Buddha Kashyapa had prophesied that when the life span of people living on earth would became 100 years, he would be reborn in a human form. When the time came he took the form of a six-tusked young white elephant and entered through the right side of the rib cage of the Queen Mayadevi, wife of King Suddodhana of Lumbini. He remained for ten months in the womb. One day while taking a walk she got a feeling of delivering a child and grasped the branch of a Sal (Shorea robusta) tree and yawned. Amidst an aura of light, a child was born from under her right arm and walked seven steps in each direction. The earth shook in homage. This child was named Siddhartha.


As per another legend Buddha is an incarnation of Airavata, the elephant of Indra, an incarnation of Vishnu. The legend states that while strolling in the garden, Queen Mayadevi felt tired, sat under a Sal (Shorea robusta) tree and fell asleep. She woke, frightened by a dreamt that a six-tusked white elephant had entered her body. Listening to her story, the King Suddodhana consulted the royal astrologer and learnt that an unusual saviour of mankind would be born to them.




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