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The most fundamental of Hindu deities, is the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva - popular deities include Ganesha, Krishna, Hanuman and goddesses like Lakshmi, Durga,Saraswati.

Panch-Bhuta Linga

Panch-Bhuta Linga

Shiva is Bhuteshvar, lord of the five elements, bhutas: ether (akash), air (vayu), fire (tejas), water (apas), earth (prithvi). Shiva as lord of each of these elements resides at five different places in Southern India:

akash-linga Chidambaram

apas-linga Jambukeshvar at Trichy

prithvi-linga Ekambarnath at Kanchipuram

tejas-linga Arunachalam at Tiruvannamalai

vayu-Iinga Kalahasti





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