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Padarthas Secures Supreme Good

Knowledge of the Padarthas is the means of attaining the Supreme Good. The Supreme Good results from the knowledge produced by a particular Dharma of the essence of the Padarthas, by means of their resemblances and differences.

The followers of Kanada introduce God as the efficient cause of the world. The atoms are the material cause of the universe.

The unthinking atoms do not have the power and the intelligence to run this universe in an orderly manner. Surely, the activities of the atoms are regulated by an omniscient and omnipotent God. Inference and scriptures compel us to admit God. What is that intelligence which makes the Adhishta to operate? That intelligence is God. The five elements are effects. They must be preceded by someone who has knowledge of them. That 'someone' is God. There must be an author for the Vedas. The contents of the Vedas are destitute of error. The author is free from deceit.

He must be an omniscient Being.The souls are destitute of intelligence in the state of dissolution. Hence they cannot control the activities of the atoms. There is no source of motion within the atoms. Therefore there must be a first mover of the atom. That First Mover is the Creator or God.




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