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Blessingsonthenet.com culture section features various aspects of India culture, indian philosophy ,puja & rituals, customs, traditions, ceremonies, arts, dance, music, architecture,Hindu Mythology, god and goddesses, Sanint and sages and Indian rivers.

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According to Madhva, Padartha or objective reality is of two kinds, independent (Svatantra) and dependent (Paritantra). God the Supreme Being is the only independent Reality. The soul and the world are dependent realities. God rules them. The dependent beings are of two varities-positive and negative. Conscious souls (Chetana), and Unconscious entities like matter and time (Achetana), are the two varieties of the positive. Unconscious entities are either eternal like the Vedas or eternal and non-eternal like Prakriti. time and space or non-eternal like the products of Prakriti.





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