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Hala Asana

Time: 2 minutes

Halasana is so named because the posture assumed in doing this asana resembles a plough, for which Hala is the Sanskrit word.

Technique :

Lie flat on the back with the arms stretched by the side of the body, palms flat on the ground.

Place the legs together and keep them straight, inhale and raise the legs up slowly.Inhaling and the raising of the legs up should be simultaneously, stop at 30 angle.

After few seconds raise your legs further up to 60 angle.Do not bend the knees, and slowly bring the legs at 90 angle.

Do not raise the arms, do not bend the back. When you are in Sarvangasana posture, exhale and at the same time begin lowering the legs over the head till the toes touch the ground. Keep the knees together and straight, thighs and the legs straight.

Breath normally till the asana is completed. Do not breath through the mouth. Keep the eyes closed or open. See that the legs remaign straight. place the palms on the head making finger lock. touch the throat. Hold this position for eight to ten seconds.

While returning back to the original position first release the finger lock. strech the hands straight and place them on the ground by the side of the body.

Lower the waist and raise the legs from the ground and without giving them, a jerk bring them at 90 angle.

Slowly come back to the original position.

Benefits of Halasana :

Halasana nourises the blood vessels of the spinal cord, the muscle of the back, vertebrae and the nerves which pass by both the sides of vertabrae.

It cures constipation, gastric trouble and reduces irregular contraction and explation of the liver and the spleen.

The practice of this asana is also useful in certain types of diabetes.

It tones up sexual ability.

As this asana stimulates blood circulation, the face becomes bright and youthful.

This asana makes the spine flexible and elastic. a habitual aspirant of Halasana becomes very agile, alert and vigorous.

It eliminates muscular rheumatism, lumbar pain, sprain and neuritis.

Maximum benefits of this asana can be derived when Bhujangasana is practiced immediately after Halasana.

It benefits the thyroid gland, liver, spleen, stretches and pulls the vertebrae.

It helps releive the symptoms of menopause.

This asana flushes mucous from the lungs.

Contraidication :

Neck and back problems

High blood pressure




Heavy menstruation

Eye & Ear infection

If you have not flexed up with other exercises before, do not attempt right away the final stages of this posture unless you have a naturally very flexible spine. Otherwise, do not try to touch the floor with the toes for a few days. Do not force the toes any lower than the spine will allow comfortably. You will injure the right muscle and the pain may last a few weeks.




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