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Time: 1/2 minute

Chakra means "Wheel" in Sanskrit. In practicing this asana, the spine is twisted in such a way that the body forms a semicircular shape, hence this asana is called ' Chakrasana'. It resembles a rainbow. This asana is very similar to the same, except while doing a back bend, the person is standing and keeps banding further back till his palms rest on the floor while in the Chakrasana, the person is lying down and slowly lifts his body up.

Technique - 1:

Lie flat on the back. Draw the legs in till the heels are close to the hips and the soles touch the ground.

The gap between the legs should be of 4 to 6 inches.

Bend the arms at the elbows and place them on the ground on either side of the head.

Raise the body from the waist to the hind part of the head and breathe in the normal way.

Tilt the head backwards as far as possible. Keep the hands straight.

Keep the body steady. Do not shift either the arms or the legs from their positions.

Raise the back as far as it allows it to do.

Remain in this position for about a minutes.

To release, inhale and slowly bend the elbows to lower the head, neck and then shoulders to the floor. Bend the knees to slowly roll the spine and hips back to the floor and bring it to the original position. Then breathe normally.

Technique - 2 :

Stand erect with legs together, toes together, hands by the side of the thighs, gaze in front.

Now raise both hands from in front towards the sky, palms facing in front.

Keeping full weight of your body on ankles and thighs, bend backwards till you touch the ground with your hands.

After maintaining it or sometime, slowly return to the original position.

Abdomen will be towards sky and the whole body will take the form of a bow.


Benefits of Chakrasana :


Through this asana, an aspirant can make his spine quite elastic. Elasticity of the spine preserves youth for a very long time.

This asana is an adjunct to Sarvangasana. When a long turn of Sarvangasana gives one a cramped neck or pain in the shoulders, a turn of Chakrasana helps to remove it. The reason is that the twist is on the backside.

It minimizes the stiffness of spine and connected nerves are made strong.

This strengthens the abdominal muscles and digestive system is regularized.

This asana removes pain in waist and spine is made flexible.

Excellent for the heart, as it causes the aorta to stretch.

It is very useful in treating diabetes, asthma, constipation and obesity.

This asana has all the benefits of Dhanurasana, Shalabhasana and Bhujangasana.


Contraindications :

People with recent or chronic injury to the legs, arms, hips, shoulders or back should avoid this asana.

Those suffering from unmedicated high blood pressure, spondilitis, having been warned against backward bending, duodenal ulcer, hernia should not practice it.


Beginner's tips : While bending backward balance yourself on ankles and thighs, so that you do not fall on your backside.




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