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Indian Dance Forms
Make-up, Costumes and Music

Usually a katcham is worn with a long pleat and border in the centre. Though similar to Bharatnatyam, there are small side fans attached to the costume that differentiates it from the former's costumes. Cross pleat costumes that are used in Bharatnatyam are also worn in Kutchipudi. However, in Kuchipudi, the katcham is worn in the back. The makeup comprises of elongating eyes and elaborate hairstyles. There are lots of flowers that are used to decorate long plait worn by the artists. The ornaments worn by the artists in a Kuchipudi performance are generally made of a light weight wood called Boorugu.

Music and Movement
The dance starts with a song that is usually Carnatic music. The song comes along with the harmony of mridangam (a classical instrument), violin, flute and tambura (an instrument with strings). Kuchipudi is famous for its swift and delicate footsteps and elegant movements. The best part of Kuchipudi dance is the breathtaking dance on the brass plate rim. With the change in time, Kuchipudi has changed in a great deal. Initially, it was intended to be a conventional dance act, crammed with religious feeling and dedication. Usually men performed Kuchipudi dance after passing through a strict training. However, in the present date, Kuchipudi dance is mostly performed by women. Kuchipudi has crossed the boundaries of India and today, even foreigners like this form of Indian Classical Dance.

Kuchipudi dance drama has a perfect blend of speech, mime and pure dance. The Kuchipudi dancer is a multifarious personality on stage that changes form with the pace of mime. Kuchipudi has imitated many of its features like 'Yakshagan' from the dance of Bharatnatyam. The dance of Kuchipudi is vivacious and dazzling, yet has the magnitude of being earnestly symphonious.

Famous Artists
One of the renowned guru of Kuchipudi form of dance was Lakshminarayan Shastry. After him, some known Kutchipudi dancers are Vempati Chinna Satyam, C.R. Acharyalu, Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishna, Uma Muralikrishna, Aparna Krovvidi and V Anjana Devi.




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