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Manipuri Dance Movements

The Vaishnava faith brought along with it the origin of the Manipuri dance. The repertoire is dominated by the themes from the Vishnu Puranas, Bhagvata Puranas, and Geeta Govinda. Slow and gracious movements differentiate Manipuri from other dance styles. The delicate arm movements and gentle foot work characterizes this dance form. Any form of jerks, sharp edges or straight lines in the dance is not seen, which is the only reason as to why Manipuri dance is known for its undulating and soft appearance. While the female 'Rasa' dances is based on the Radha-Krishna theme feature group ballets and solos, the male 'Sankirtana' dances are performed to the pulsating rhythm of the Manipuri Dholak and are full of vitality and energy.



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