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Colour Therepy

Colour therapy is a part of Chromotherapy, which is a larger healing science.Colour is simply light of varying wavelengths and frequencies. As we see or feel it,

Visible colour plays a very important part in all of our lives; from colour in work, adverts and design, to searching within us.The use of Colour is a truly holistic therapy which dates back thousands of years.As an energy Colour forms just a small part of the Electromagnetic spectrum.It is this Colour energy from light that is used as Colour Therapy.

Used in the right way, Colour can have a profound and healing effect on us as humans as well as the animals we can share this with.

The Deal: Colour therapy is the simpler half of Chromotherapy; something you can practice everyday. The colours that we wear or like are a sort of snapshot of our personalities and their general make-up. People who are happy and cheerful will wear happy, cheerful colours. In India, colours are highly symbolic. Have you ever thought about why widows wear white? White is the colour of purity; it means your previous existence is now over, you are purified and have a new lease of life.

The Technique: Here are broad rules for choosing colours:

Blue and green are soothing colours and likely to relieve pain. Ever wondered why hospitals are full of these colours?

Red, with its various shades, is a stimulant. It pumps up the nervous system and is an effective anti-depressant.
Orange has an effect similar to red but less intensely so.
Yellow relaxes you. If you have a stressful job, you might want to wear more of this colour.

Brown, violet and grey are neutral colours. However, the darker the hue, the more depressing the effect is likely to be.

Black creates both mental and physical depression. And it's been scientifically proved. People exposed to black for long periods of time found that their blood pressure and pulse rates dropped alarmingly.However a bit of black acts as a visual magnet.

Pink, especially bubble-gum pink, appears to be a colour with many unusual properties. Focusing your eye on pink can relax you, make you lose the urge to overeat and calm your body.

Yellow and green are excellent shades for bedrooms. A bit of red around kitchens and dining rooms may stimulate appetites. A cheerful pink could be a great colour to decorate a child's playroom with.

Which colour attracts you most. Even the colour of your choice can reveal a lot about your personality and your preferences. Decide which one of the colours-blue, brown, red, black, violet, grey, green, yellow-attracts you most and read on.

Blue: You are likely to be a sensitive kind of person, surprisingly well in control of your life and largely content with it. So much so that statistically people who like blue are generally overweight!

Brown: You're more insecure than most people you know. And this is likely to manifest itself in a chronic desire for a settled lifestyle. The good news is that you're probably in terrific health.

Red: A strong and passionate nature. Tons of energy, along with a desire to live life to the full. Yeah great, but you need to take it easy a bit; you're living too much on your nerves.

Black: This choice means despondency and a deep-seated dislike of one's current lifestyle. Also a dogged determination to change all that and make things better. People who wear black often are unconsciously putting defensive barriers against the world to hide behind.

Violet: Lots of conflicts mark your personality, so that sometimes you are very impulsive and at other cool as ice. Chances are that you're also a great worrier about your health.

Grey: This is eternal escapist's favorite. Grey is for a person who seeks to avoid emotional conflicts and commitment. However grey-lovers are usually reliable people in crises.

Green: Selfishness. This however, also makes for positive achievements.Greenies are likely to be successful people in terms of material benefits.

Yellow: The colour of the sun, yellow suggests a positive outlook towards life and a happy and content person.

Watch out:
Remember that colour preferences are known to change over time and circumstances. Some days you feel like wearing black and on others you don't.The above tests can be conclusive only if you persistently wear a particular colour.




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