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The Shad-Darsanas or The Six Orthodox Schools

The Shad Darsanas or the six orthodox systems grew directly out of the Vedas. Darsana means literally sight or vision. Darsana means a system of philosophy. The Darsana literature is philosophical. Each Darsana is a way of looking into the Truth; is a standpoint in respect of the Truth.

Gautama Rishi systematised the principles of Nyaya or the Indian logical system. Kanada composed the Vaiseshika Sutras. Kapila Muni founded the Sankliya system. Patanjali Maharshi is the first systematiser of the Yogi school. He composed his Yoga Sutras.

The Yoga-Darsana of Patanjali is a celebrated textbook on Raja Yoga. Jaimini, a disciple of Vyasa, composed the Sutras of the Mimanisa school, which is based on the ritual-sections of the Vedas. Badarrayana composed his famous Vedanta-Sutras or Brahma-Sutra which expounds the teachings of the Upanishads. The different schools of the Vedanta have built their philosophy on the foundation of these Sutras.




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