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Samkhya philosophy

Obeisance to Sri Kapila Muni, the founder of the Samkya philosophy The word 'Sankhya' means 'number'. The system gives, in enumeration of the principles of the universe. twenty-five in number. Hence the name is quite appropriate. The term 'Sankhya' is used in the sense of 'Vachara' or 'philosophical reflection' also.

In the Sankhya system, there is no analytical enquiry. There is a synthetical system starting from an original primordial Tattva or Principle called Prakriti, that which evolves or produces or brings forth (Prakaroti) everything else.

Perception (Pratyaksha), inference (Anumana) and right affirmation (Apta Vakya) are the three Pramanas or proofs in the Sankhya system.





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