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Blessingsonthenet.com culture section features various aspects of India culture, indian philosophy ,puja & rituals, customs, traditions, ceremonies, arts, dance, music, architecture,Hindu Mythology, god and goddesses, Sanint and sages and Indian rivers.

Introduction Yoga Philosophy

The word Yoga comes from the root Yuj which means to Join. Yoga is restraint of the activitist of the mind, and is the union of the individual soul with the Supreme Soul.

The God of Patanjali is a Special Purusha or Particular Soul unaffected by afflictions, works, fruition, and vehicles. In Him is the highest limit of the seed of omniscience. He, being unconditioned by time, is the Teacher of even the ancients. He is ever free.

The sacred syllable Om is the symbol of God. Repetation of Om and meditation on Om should be practised. This will remove all obstacles and will lead to the attainment of God- realisation.




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